A Chinese Auction is a combination of a raffle and an auction.

In a Chinese Auction, bidders buy tickets, which are chances to win items. Bidders can buy as many tickets as they like, and bid them on any item(s) they want by placing one or more ticket in the "hat" beside the item(s) they are trying to win. At the conclusion of bidding, one winning ticket is drawn from the "hat" beside each item, and the item is given to the owner of that ticket.

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Auction Items:   Please select the number of tickets you would like to purchase for each item

A. $50 Ticket Prizes 

The winner of the Jackpot will get one ticket in every lot in the auction except for Split the Pot - What a deal!

Value ~ $650                                                           A1. Enter Ticket Qty ($50/ea):




A2. Ladies Watch 
This Swiss-made Michele watch watch is the newest addition to the Tahitian Ceramic collection.  It is beautifully worn for both everyday or formal occasions.
For additional piece details click here.

Value ~ $695                                                     A2. Enter Ticket Qty ($50/ea):



A3. Necklace 
For those with impeccable taste comes this irresistably stunning silver hugs and kisses necklace from Moda Fina Jewelers. 

Value ~ $650                                                          A3. Enter Ticket Qty ($50/ea):



B. $35 Ticket Prizes

The winner gets half the cash in the Pot - that's right, cold, hard cash!

B1. Enter Ticket Qty ($35/ea):  


Split the Pot.jpg


B2. Addison Taylor Necklace
Silver Key Charm on delicate link chain from Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry.

Value ~ $400                                                         B2. Enter Ticket Qty ($35/ea):


B3. Chalcedony Ring
Chalcedony, Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14 KW, courtesy of The Diamond Vault.

Value ~ $900                                                         B3. Enter Ticket Qty ($35/ea):  



B4. Choker & Bracelet
E.D. Marshall Jewelers presents this stunning 4 Strand Pearl Choker with matching bracelet.

Value ~ $600                                                        B4. Enter Ticket Qty ($35/ea):  



B5. Crystal Vase 
Etched Crystal Coupe Vase, made for Neiman Marcus.

Value ~ $525                                                          B1. Enter Ticket Qty ($35/ea):  




C. $25 Ticket Prizes

C1. Dead Sea Beauty Package
Experience the benefits of using Dead Sea minerals for your skin and body care - there’s no denying that this assortment of products  will be thoroughly enjoyed by any recipient, including you.
Value ~ $425                                                           C1. Enter Ticket Qty ($25/ea):


Jericho distributed by Arabah.gif


C2. One Month Family Gym Membership 
Welcome to your Village Health Club & Spa, your second home - a warm and friendly place that embraces you and your family.
Value ~ $450                                                          C2. Enter Ticket Qty ($25/ea):




C3. Desert Wolf Tours- 1/2 day tour for two
As Arizona’s foremost self-drive tour outfit, Desert Wolf Tours provides unique tours to proprietary attractions.

Value ~ $290                                                          C3. Enter Ticket Qty ($25/ea):




C4. Diamondbacks vs. Giants - Club Seats!
Catch the boys of summer in an Insight Diamond Level Club Box, as the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the defending World Series Champion San Fransisco Giants, Tuesday, June 14th (Parking Pass incl).

Value ~ $250                                                         C4. Enter Ticket Qty ($25/ea): 


D. $20 Ticket Prizes

D1. Canon Powershot 14.1 Mexapixel Digital Camera
This digital camera features an optical image stabilizer, face detection technology and motion detection technology to ensure images are clear and detailed.
Value ~ $230                                                          D1. Enter Ticket Qty ($20/ea):




D2. Urband Sunglasses
Indulge in the high-end exclusivity of these rare European frames.

Value ~ $210                                                           D2. Enter Ticket Qty ($20/ea):


D3. Kosher Wine Basket (2 Baskets available) 
BASKET ONE: 1 Goose Bay Pinot Noir, 1 Goose Bay Cabernet Sauvignon, 1 Goose Bay Merlot, Wine Glasses, Iceless Wine Cooler, Bottle Stopper, Wine Charms.
BASKET TWO: 1 Goose Bay Merlot, 1 Goose Bay Pinot Noir, 1 Goose Bay Sauvignon Blanc, Corkscrew, Wine Drip Collar, Wine Stopper
Value ~ $150                                                           D3. Enter Ticket Qty ($20/ea):


D4. Michael Kors Sunglasses 
The M2730S Antigua is a sunglasses frame, designed for women, from the Michael Kors Sunglasses Collection 
Value ~ $200                                                          D4. Enter Ticket Qty ($20/ea):



D5. Panasonic Full HD Pocket Camcorder
The sleek, slim Panasonic HM-TA1 digital camcorder makes shooting your high definition videos easy. It's slim size lets you easily carry it wherever you go. With the ability to use it as an 8MP digital camera, and as a webcam for Skype, we're sure this camcorder will see plenty of use. 

Value ~ $200                                                       D5. Enter Ticket Qty ($20/ea): 


D6. Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup 
This elegant sterling silver kiddush goblet is sure to enhance your Shabbos table and get passed down for many future generations to come.
Value ~ $175                                                            D6. Enter Ticket Qty ($20/ea):



E. $15 or Less Ticket Prizes

E1. Painted Wood Chest ($15/ea)
Dog Lovers will beg for this beautifully hand-crafted wood chest.

Value ~ $400                                                          E1. Enter Ticket Qty ($15/ea):


E2. Cut and Color ($15/ea)
At Taglio Salon, "We're not just cutting hair, we're Conquering Evil". Taglio Salon is Phoenix and Scottsdale’s premier destination for world-class hair. Our Hair Stylists are highly trained to bring their clients the newest cuts and innovative color techniques. Taglio Salon specializes in coloring services and precision haircuts from the classic to the contemporary.
Value ~ $195                                                            E2. Enter Ticket Qty ($15/ea):


E3. Laser Tag Party Package ($15/ea)
From corporate events to birthday or Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties, Stratum's 18,000 square foot full-service entertainment facility will be guaranteed fun for all. Includes a 13,000 ground floor sqft laser tag arena with 15 different levels, 90 towers, bridges, and ramps equipped with 60 Zone Laser Tag vests and phasers. 
    Kosher parties available!

Value ~ $170                                                           E3. Enter Ticket Qty ($15/ea):


E4. AZ Kosher Restaurant Package ($15/ea) 
$50 King Solomon's Pizza               $50 Scottsdale Deli & Grill
$26 Imperial Kosher Market         $36 Segal's New Place

Value ~ $162                                                           E4. Enter Ticket Qty ($15/ea):


E5. $150 Target Gift Card ($15/ea)
A "Bullseye" of a deal - $150 Gift Card to Target - No fees, No expiration, No kidding. You can shop with the gift card in-store or online.  With thousands of products to choose from, what could be better?

Value ~ $150                                                           E5. Enter Ticket Qty ($15/ea):


E6. Kindle Wireless Reading Device($15/ea)
Now smaller, lighter, faster, and built-in Wi-Fi, Kindle is Amazon's #1 bestselling item for two years running. It’s also the most-wished-for, most-gifted, and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon.

Value ~ $139                                                             E6. Enter Ticket Qty ($15/ea):


E7. Kosher by Design Cookbook Series ($15/ea) 
Includes: Kosher by Design, Kosher by Design Entertains, Kosher by Design Short on Time, and Kosher by Design Kids.  These recipes are easy, delicious, and sure to impress.

Value ~ $135                                                           E7. Enter Ticket Qty ($15/ea):


E8. B-JWLD Necklace and Earrings ($10/ea)
A classic silver plated necklace & earrings set with clear and gray Swarovski crystals. Made in Israel.

Value ~ $180                                                           E8. Enter Ticket Qty ($10/ea):


E9. Spa Gift Card ($10/ea) 
The Spa at Camelback Inn invites you to simply relax. Relish the moments of balance and tranquility offered in our quiet haven. Take Time to discover the magic of the Sonoran Desert while connecting with your inner self. Enjoy life's simple pleasures as you experience complete rejuvenation and relaxation.

Value ~ $100                                                           E9. Enter Ticket Qty ($10/ea):


E10. Simply Bread Gift Certificate ($10/ea)
Simply Bread never compromises on the breads they make, always ensuring the highest standards are met. All breads are kosher; the vast majority of ingredients are organic. All breads are made with dedication to the idea that bread is the “staff of life.” Simply Bread is a commitment to ensuring a return to foods that are enjoyable, healthy and nutritious to consume – food that matters, food that restores.

Value ~ $100 (multiple chances to win)   E10. Enter Ticket Qty ($10/ea): 


E11. Facial & Products ($10/ea)
One Love Boutique Spa Facial, Lip Wax, and honey heel pedicure set.

Value ~ $85                                                           E11. Enter Ticket Qty ($10/ea):


E12. Toddler Gift Basket ($10/ea) 
Delightful Toddler Gift Basket from Moonbeams - a charming Scottsdale boutique that offers the largest selection of baby and children's products including furniture, bedding, blankets, sleepwear and clothes. Includes $25 Gift Card.

Value ~ $75                                                           E12. Enter Ticket Qty ($10/ea):


E13. Mystery Prize ($5/ea) 
We would tell you ... but it's a Mystery!  There are more than 10 mystery prizes to be won.  Why not take a chance?

Value ~ It's a mystery, remember?      E13. Enter Ticket Qty ($5/ea):

 mystery logo.jpg

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