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 Our Goal... 
 To allow every Jewish Child the Jewish education that they deserve!
 And You Can Help... 

 Arizona's tax payers may now redirect up to $2,106 (NEW Amount!*) a year in state tax dollars to a "private school tuition organization" and receive a dollar for dollar tax credit when filing a state income tax return.

If you: Owe $2,200 in AZ tax, take the $2,106 tax credit and your tax liability will be $94.
Remember, you do not have to participate with the maximum amount of $2,106 per married couple or $1,053 for a single individual, any amount will be helpful.

*The above amount includes the "Switcher Credit". This allows an individual to donate up to an additional $525 and a married couple up to an additional $1050. This brings the total from $517 for an individual to $1,053 and from $1,056 for a married couple to $2,106.


Click here to learn how to donate. Its just three easy steps!