Dear Friends!

The weekly Kiddush luncheon is sponsored by members of the community for the benefit of all who attend Synagogue on Shabbat morning. A delicious and pleasant sit-down Lunch is a wonderful to mark an occasion that is special to you; occasions such as:

the Yahrtzeit of a family member (Click here to calculate when your loved ones Yahrtzeit will occur) • in memory of a beloved friend, as a traditional way of honoring them • your Birthday or the Birthday of a loved one • your Wedding Anniversary or the Wedding Anniversary of a loved one • any lifecycle event of yours or of a loved one, to express gratitude in honor of a special occasion (Graduation, a New Job, a "small" miracle), or just because.

You can choose from 4 variations of Kiddush Menus (each serves 50 people):

Basic Kiddush - $550   
    Kiddush wine and L'chaim • Cholent • Egg salad, tuna salad • Green salad • Coleslaw salad • Drinks • Seasonal fruit
Regular Kiddush - $750 
       Basic Kiddush plus: Challah • Lox • Pasta Salad
Deluxe Kiddush - $1150  
       Basic Kiddush plus: Challah • Lox or smoke fish • Meat Cholent • Pita Bread • Beet Salad •Moroccan Carrot Salad • Hummus • Babaganoush • Pastry Desserts
Grand Kiddush - $1950  
       Basic Kiddush plus: Challah •  Lox or smoke fish • One additional salad • Pita • Beet Salad  •  Hummus • Babaganoush • Platters of wraps and/or cold cuts • Meat Cholent • Pastry dessert

You can also co-sponsor a Kiddush with other people.

Scroll down and click on the weekends during the year that you would like to sponsor the Kiddush - and we'll reserve that special date just for you. May we always celebrate many happy occasions with each other for many years to come.

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Includes food order and preparation.  


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