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Did you ever see the cute Jewish keepsake where you see a Lower East Side street vendor selling a pickle out of a large barrel to a customer, with a sign above reading "a nickel a shtikel"?
Those were the days when a dime, a nickel, and even a penny had value to it.

Today, my children run to put any change they receive into the tzedaka box. Not only because the value of these coins have decreased, but more because of the way our generation (particularly within our community) was raised.

The Rebbe would give out dollars every Sunday to thousands of people, making them agents to give charity to yet a third person. He taught us by example the privilege, responsibility, and need for the betterment of self and of the world to give Tzedaka at every possible turn during the day. I feel blessed that to our children it is so natural to give away not only their coins but even the dollar bills at so many opportunities that always come up. 

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The  other day, one of the daily minyan regulars told me that he noticed that at a certain time during the prayers I drop some coins into the Tzedaka box.  His question was;  doesn't it say in the Talmud that one should give charity prior to praying?

There is a passage in our prayers that says "wealth and honor is before You", in the section where we offer praise and acknowledgement to G‑d for the great miracles He does for us on a daily basis.

Although it's not particularly a Chabad custom, when I was a child people would put some money in the charity box at this point in the prayer to make a point of recognizing that wealth comes from G‑d.

Personally I try to always give tzedaka in the morning before I leave the house. However we also want to give tzedaka in the synagogue.

 Based on the Rebbe's instructions to various people who had lost a loved one to give Tzedaka in amounts adding up to 18-Chai before morning and evening prayers in memory of their loved one,  I choose to do that during the prayers mentioned above, in addition to the other tzedaka that we do ordinarily.

Since this point was raised, I am including below an excerpt from the words I spoke at my father's Shloshim-memorial about his morning routine. I encourage you, my dear readers, that perhaps if you would be so kind, to do so in his memory, Sholom ben Dovber. You too can also put something into the charity box every morning as part of your routine. It is very much the Jewish way to start a day.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Yossi Levertov 

PS, Below is an image of the tzedaka box used daily by my father of blessed memory. 


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  One last thought worth sharing, my father would wake up in the morning he would wash his hands,                         

Netilas Yodayim - say the morning blessings, then stop by his favorite charity box on the windowsill, then open the window shades to bring light into the home and head out to Shul for Shachris - morning prayers.

The purpose of this gathering is V’hachai yiten el libo. Those who remain alive should take a lesson from the person who had passed on, and continue

what they started, continue their song. 

So today, as we gather here for the shloshim, V’hachai yiten libo, the living shall take to heart; I would like to 
 encourage each and everyone of you to add to your schedule an additional Torah class, if not a full length class, then a daily thought of Torah, may I suggest that you too as part of the morning routine put a few  coins into a charity box and allow your day as well to start off with Tzdakah - charity and acts of kindness.

Thank you


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Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov!

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