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Also available at Mazel Tov Gifts l 480-998.1410

Ukrainian regular handmade matzo $23 Ukrainian whole-wheat handmade matzo $25
Jerusalem handmade matzo regular $24 New York handmade whole-wheat matzoh $30
Whole Spelt one box of six handmade Matzos $33-$35  
Oats handmade gluten-free from England $34-$36 for three matzos


There will be Matzah  and Passover cookies for sale at Mazel tov Gifts. 

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Ukranian regular lbs.   Ukranian whole- wheat lbs.
Jerusalem regular lbs.   New York regular lbs.
Whole Spelt box (6 per box)   Geulah lbs.
Oats gluten free box (3 per box)      


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