Passover begins on the night of Friday, April 19th

As we approach the holiday of Pesach, we think of all the laws, customs and traditions associated with the holiday, and what this holiday represents to us personally and as a People.

Please join us at our annual communal seder, and take advantage of our Passover-related services and events.

You can find more information about the holiday below.

1. Clean Your House
Clean your home so it won’t have any chametz in it before Passover.
2. Search
Search the house with a candle on Thursday night, April 18th. Then burn what you find on Friday morning.
3. Buy and Sell
Sell any chametz you want to keep for after Passover. Buy handmade shmura matzah for your seder table.
4. Cook a Feast
Your seder table won’t be complete without great Passover delicacies. (And don’t forget the Seder Plate ingredients!)
5. Get the Text
Prepare a Haggadah – the primary text and guide for the seder. Download or buy one.
6. Master the Seder
Lead your seder like a pro! Learn your part, and have the children practice the four questions.
7. Brush Up on Passover
Review the basics of the meaning and rituals of Passover.
8. Involve the Kids
Kids are the highlight of the seder. Help them get ready with games, videos and crafts.
9. Be Inspired
Watch a talk from the Rebbe about Passover. Be sure to share the inspiration with others.
10. Invite Others
Invite another Jew or two to your seder table.
11. Or Be Our Guest
Celebrate Passover with family and friends. Join our local communal Chabad seder.
12. Get liberated!
In the end, don’t forget that the inner message of this holiday is to attain true liberty in body and soul, allowing us to rise above our inner limitations.

Rabbi Yossi Levertov
Chabad of Scottsdale