Purim at Chabad (650x245)

Wednesday, February 28th: Fast of Esther

Fast begins: 5:39 am
Morning services: 6:45 am

The "Half Coins" (Machatzit Hashekel)
It is a tradition to give three coins in "half" denominations - e.g. three half dollars - to charity.
Click here to give Machatzit Hashekel.

Mincha & "Half Shekel": 6:15 pm
Fast ends: 6:49 pm

Arvit and Megillah Reading: 6:49 pm 

Followed by light dinner. No Charge. 

Thursday, March 1st: Purim Day

Morning Services: 8:00 am
Zachor Megillah Reading: 8:30 am

Second Megillah Reading: 5:00 pm 

Mincha Services: 5:15 pm

Followed by Purim Party 


Arvit: 8:00-8:30 pm (approximate)

Followed by Rabbi Yossi's Grand Birthday Farbrengen