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Shavuot 2018 - May 19 - May 21

You are invited to Celebrate


with   Rabbi Shais Taub

Creative director at Jewish.TV,

author, popular Scholar and teacher of Jewish Mysticism

 Saturday, May 19 - 8:00 PM

 Dinner and Talk 

"Why is it so Hard to be Happy?"

Why your bliss may be eluding you, and how to let it catch you

Adult  $29.00  Child $15.00  RSVP by 5/13 [after add $8.00]

  All night learning begins at 10:15 PM

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Sunday, May 20th


Meditation for Busy People

Control your thoughts and balance your emotions


Followed by:

Dinner & talk - 8.15:pm. 

Has Materialism Stolen Your Soul? (And How to Get it Back)

The unique challenge of finding spirituality in today's modern world

 Adults $90.00  Child $30.00   RSVP by 5/13 [after add $8.00]
Special YJP price $36.00

RSVP only.

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           More Shavuot Programmin g           

with Rabbi Taub

Shavuot all night learning begins at 10:15 PM

"Golden Chain of Torah Transmission"

"Air, Smoke, Fire, Lightning, - Ezekiel‘s Vision and the Chariot"

"Maimonides and his Introduction to Mishna Torah"

"Love and Respect, a Kabbalistic Relationship Guide"

   Sunday, May 20    

10:30 am - Community reading of the 10 Commandments 

Followed by Deluxe, Grand Dairy kiddish/buffet 

Children’s ice cream party
10 toppings, games, learning, and so much more!

   Monday, May 22    
11:00 am - Yizkor service and sermon
Followed by Kiddush lunch

Learning café begins at 1 PM
Topics to include

“When the Earth Will be Holier than the Heavens“


 If you would like to stay at one of the hotels next to Chabad: 

Homewood suites - an all suites hotel (480.368.1200)
Rooms include a full fridge, kitchen and second room

The Holiday Inn Express (480.675.7665)

Hampton Inn and Suites (480.443.3233)

Please call the hotels directly and make sure to ask for the special Chabad rate.
Both are just a one minute walk from the Chabad center


 Sponsorship Opportunities


Guest Lecture Sponsor - $7200
Shavuot Underwriter - $3600
Shavuos Gold sponsor - $2600 
Shavuos Silver Sponsor - $1800
Shavuos sponsor - $1300


10 Commandments - $1000 
Sinai sponsor - $770 
Torah sponsor - $360
Lecture sponsor - $540 
Chai sponsor - $180 

Table Sponsor - 1st Night - $290 
All night learning refreshments - $250 
Children's ice cream party - $360 
Dairy Kiddush (partial sponsor) - $613 
Dairy Kiddush Sponsor - $1300


Table Sponsor - 2nd Night - $900 
Yizkor Kiddush (partial sponsor) - $770
Yizkor Kiddush Sponsor - $1300             
Study booklets - $180
Flowers for Shavuot - $72 
Yom Tov sponsor - any amount - $