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Message from the Rabbi
Dear Friend,  

This past  Monday, Fruma Hurwitz got married. Surrounded by family & friends and watched online by thousands of others, many bittersweet tears were shed. Fruma is the daughter of Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, a dear colleague who has suffered for five years now from ALS.  Thank G‑d Yitzi was able to participate in his daughter’s wedding.
How touching and beautiful it was to see the bride crouch down next to her father's wheelchair to receive a blessing from him, right after she was veiled by her groom. Unable to move or speak, Yitzi's eyes exuded warmth and love. 

Yitzi continuously shows us how to focus and appreciate what we have, and not on what we don't have. 
Below is the Torah thought Yitzi wrote (using his eyes & a special computer) in honor of the wedding. 


May we all merit the comforting words of the prophet Jeremiah that we sing at every Jewish wedding:
"Od yishoma b’orai yehudah uvechutzos Yerushalayim" - “The day will come when the sounds of joy and happiness, the sound of the groom and the bride, gladness, jubilation, cheer and delight, love, friendship, harmony and fellowship will be heard once again in the cities of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem. May it be with Moshiach, very soon!

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This Shabbos is the 17th of Tamuz a sad day on the Jewish calendar. Click here for more information about this day and the laws and customs connected to it.  
Click here for more information about Shiva Asar B'tammuz.

Wishing you a peaceful and restful Shabbos.

Rabbi Yossi and Dina Levertov