Kaddish or Kiddush?

You know the old saying, “those who pray together stay together,” but perhaps it should be changed to “those who eat together grow together”.

Indeed, we at Chabad of Scottsdale have served tens of thousands of meals for Shabbat & holiday events, family & Hebrew School programs, special events, or even people coming to say Kaddish for a loved one don’t leave without a little Kiddush to go with it.

Well here’s the point:


Below are some items needed for the kitchen that everyone can participate in and do a big mitzvah in a small way.

Please choose an item and click on the link to order, or reply to this email with your selection to sponsor.  

May this coming year be one of feasting and celebration for many joyous occasions! 

With best wishes to be inscribed for a happy and healthy year.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs. Candy Welner


P.S. If you have an Amazon account, ship your selection to Chabad of Scottsdale

WISH LIST  (you can purchase one individual item or as many as you want.)


Items Needed  Ordered Yet?
4 Tablecloths (60x104") MTLGGazTa.png
8 Tablecloths (60x120") MTLGGazTa.png
3 Large Pots 2 sponsored, 1 needed
1 Extra Large Pot Already sponsored
2 Countertop Fryers 

Already sponsored

2 Steam Table Pans Already sponsored
14-Cup Food Processor Already sponsored
10 Clear Flower Bowls  Already sponsored
8 Large Clear Plastic Flower Bowl Already sponsored
4 White Rectangular Serving Bowls 12 sponsored, 4 more needed
16 White Eye Shaped Serving Bowls (15") MTLGGazTa.png
12 White Eye Shaped Serving Bowls (11")  MTLGGazTa.png
Chafer Dishes Already sponsored

2 (1/2 dozen)Rectangular Display Trays 14" x 5-1/2"


2 (1/2 dozen) Rectangular Display Trays 14" x 11-1/2"

4 - 12 qt. crystal cut pedestal bowls MTLGGazTa.png

6 CLEAR Hammered Plastic Bowls (2.5 Gallon)


8 CLEAR Premium Plastic Hammered Serving Bowls (144 Oz)


8 CLEAR Hammered Plastic Bowls (4 Gallon)


10 CLEAR Premium Plastic Hammered Rectangular Serving Trays


2 CLEAR Premium Plastic Ice Buckets


15 Chrome Rectangular Platters


4 CLEAR Plastic Pedestal Bowls


20 Black Plastic Rectangular Platters

Commercial Rice Cooker already sponsored
Slow Cooker 10 qt - 3 heat settings already sponsored
Slow Cooker 10 qt  MTLGGazTa.png