Yud Tes Kislev Celebration

A day of redemption for man…

...A defining moment for mankind  

Join the Chabad communities for a 19th of Kislev 

Community Dinner & Farbrengen  

 Tuesday  Nov. 27, 6:00pm 

at Chabad of Pheonix

 Guest Speaker Rabbi Levi Greenberg from El Paso, TX

No Charge - RSVP to [email protected]@gmail.com

This day commemorates the anniversary of the release of Rabbi Zalman of Liadi the founder of the Chabad movement from prison in czarist Russia.

He was falsely accused of treason by enemies of his movements for teaching Torah and Chassidic philosophy.

His release from prison was not only a personal vindication, but also strengthened the growth of the Chasidic movement.