What is the Moshiach's Meal?

Acharon Shel Pesach, the last day of Pesach is a day where we focus exclusively on taking all the lessons and all of our inspiration of Pesach, from the seder to the splitting of the sea, and applying it to our daily lives, to help us escape our current exile.

We have to realize that world the way we see it, will soon be changed forever. Evil, which we see as an integral part of life, which we cannot imagine living without, will soon be completely destroyed. There might come a time where we will find ourselves trapped by it, and it may even look like the end of our lives! But then suddenly, Moshaich will come, and it will be gone forever.

On the very last day of Pesach, during the very last hours of the day, the power of redemption is at its greatest.

It is at this moment that we can tap into the inspiration and use it to ‘jump’ (Pesach) out of our current exile.

We each have our own challenges. For some it’s keeping shabbos, for others it is giving charity, for some it’s learning and for other it’s being more patient and understanding of others. If challenged, we might just answer

‘This is how I am’, ‘this is me, I can’t change’. But the truth is that these are challenges we all have to face eventually, we have to break out of these personal exiles and limitations. And we can harness the essence of Pesach and redemption to propel our lives to a level we could not usually reach on our own.

The last hours of the Pesach holiday are when this energy is strongest. It’s when we are most inspired. We have fulfilled all the customs of the six days of Pesach, and now we have drunk the four cups of wine, we have eaten the Matza, we have listened, we have sung, we have resolved and we have become uplifted.

And at the last few moments, as we all close our eyes, singing and dancing together, this is the very moment when we will feel that Moshiach is actually here, when we can believe that if we would only open our eyes, we would see him right there dancing with us. And if we truly believe that, with all our hearts, then when we open them, he will finally be here.


What You Will Need to Prepare in Advance

  • Enough wine / grape juice for each participant to drink 4 cups.
  • Wine glasses.
  • Matzah.
  • Kosher for Passover refreshments.
  • Reading material (follow link at the bottom of this page) printed before the onset of the holiday.
  • (Since it is customary to sing the Hopp Cossack melody at this meal, you may want to practice it (link below). 

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So How Do We Celebrate Moshiach's Meal? 

1. Wash and Eat Matzah

2. Other food is usually brought for a Seudah

3. Drink Four Cups of Wine 

a. There should be break between each cup of at least a few minutes (similar to the seder), and one announce so it is clear which cup we are up to.

b. The Rebbe mentioned that the four cups are so important that even if someone would come after havdoloh, he should still drink four cups.

c. One does not have to drink full cups (ideally 3.5 oz)

d. The cups are drunk to bring the geulah - the complete redemption!

4. Singings and Speaking Words of Torah especially about Geulah and Moshiach

a. Focus on strengthening, internalizing and actualizing our belief in Moshiach.

5. Sing Various Nigunnim (chassidic Melodies)

6. It is customary to end the Moshiach Seuda with all participants dancing to a lively tune, this custom is known as the Dance of Moshiach.

Links to Niggunim:

Ba'al Shem Tov's Niggun

Ani Maamin

Hopp Cossack

Hu Elokeinu


Atoh Bechartanu


Vehi Sheamda

Keli Atoh

Yemin Hashem

Alter Rebbe's Niggun 

Click Here to Download a Moshiach Seuda Guide