AZ Mesivta Student Pre-Application 5783-84

  • AZ Mesivta Pre-Application

    שנת הלימודים ה'תשפ"ג - פ"ד - 2023-24 5783-84 - Pre Application Form School Year
  • Mesivta Arizona was established to provide the growing need for a complete Mesivta experience of the highest standards.   

    Our program will provide a warm chassidisher environment where a tomim can grow in nigleh, chassidus, develop self-confidence and maximize their potential.

    The learning program is enhanced by Friday afternoon Mivtzoyim, regularly scheduled farbrengens, and guest lecturers.

    It is a great program with wonderful potential. It is modelled on the Mesivta in Chicago with an Arizona flavor. 

    We ask that prior to filling out the application form to please take a moment to consider whether this program is really suitable for your son. 

    Ultimately, all of us want what is best for our Children. To place a Bochur in a program which he is not yet ready for, or unsuitable for him, will not help him grow or the Mesivta. 

  • Application Details:

    1. Decisions for acceptance into the Mesivta of Scottsdale are not made on a "first come first serve" basis, however, the application and report cards should be returned ASAP.

    There will be an online form for your sons teacher and principal to fill out.  The link for the form will be sent directly the teacher/principal.

    2.  Only a portion of the applicants will be accepted.  Please do not tell your son that he is "going to Arizona next year" so he won’t feel "rejected" if he won’t be  accepted, many good Talmidim will end up not getting accepted.

    3. There are two stages to apply to the Mesivta, a Pre-application and a Full application. 

    4. We ONLY interview, Farher, or meet with applicants/Talmidim whose pre-applications have been accepted.

    The pre-application fee is $150. It is non refundable. 

    If the application moves forward to a full application, you will have a more detailed form to fill out, and perhaps a Farher and Interview will be set up for your son. 

    The full application fee is an additional $150.  If in the end the applicant is not accepted the $150 will be fully refunded. If the applicant backs out during that stage the $150 will not be refunded.

    6. Iy"H and bli neder you will have a response to your pre-application within 4-8 weeks from when we receive it.

  • Section 1: Student & Parent Information

  • Please Note: It is in the student’s best interest that there is full disclosure regarding any issues pertaining to the student’s well being. The Mesivta cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur due to information that was withheld. Clear communication is vital to a student’s success in the Mesivta.

  • Section 2: Technology Philosophy

  • Section 3: Student School Information

    (for the last two school years)
  • 8th Grade Information - Current School Year Information - 2022-23

  • 7th Grade Information - Last School Year Information - 2021-22

  • Summer Information - 2023 (This Summer)

  • Summer Information - 2022 (This Past Summer)

  • Summer Information - 2021 (Two Summers Ago)

  • Please notify your son's principal and teacher that they will be receiving an online form about your son and it must be completed within ten days. No exceptions.

    To complete this part of the process, please send your son's report card from 7th grade and his current 8th grade report card.

    Please email report cards to: [email protected]
    Your application is not complete until the above is received.

  • Section 4: Payment Information

    In order for this application to be accepted, payment must be made below.
  • Credit Card
    Billing Address
  • Should be Empty:
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