Imagine a Hebrew School where kids don’t want to miss a day! They come in with a smile and leave humming the tune to a Hebrew song. Imagine a child who feels the warmth and spirit of Judaism… and then imagine the pride of his parents!

Discover the Excitement of Judaism at all ages!
CHS Early Childhood
4-5 Years Old

Learn through discovery and Fun, Starting at four years of age, children celebrate their Jewish heritage.

Chabad Hebrew School
6-12 Years Old
Children from all walks of life are welcome to experience a meaningful and enjoyable Jewish education!
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
12-13 year olds
Our emphasis in preparing teenagers is to foster an awareness that this milestone is only the beginning of Jewish life.
Academic Year 2024-25
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Message from the Director

Welcome to Chabad of Scottsdale Hebrew School!

At Chabad Hebrew School, we strive to stress the beauty and warmth of Judaism and its Mitzvot. With our unique educational approach, our students are motivated and empowered to explore and discover the beauty of their heritage in an atmosphere of joy, warmth and acceptance. 

We encourage students to express their opinions and questions about G d, Torah & Religion. We welcome discussion about our morals and laws!

At Chabad Hebrew School we believe that a child’s Jewish education must be creative, positive, memorable, and fun. Audio-visual presentations, Friday night Shabbat dinners, family holiday programs, Havdalah ceremonies, hand-on children and family workshops, as well as games, drama, songs, parties, and arts and crafts, are incorporated within the curriculum. This ensures that your child receives a stimulating and high quality educational experience that is also exciting and engaging. 

Give your children the gift of the best quality Jewish education that is positive, empowering and will remain with them forever. Call 480-998-1410 or email: [email protected]

Mrs. Chasi Friedman

Educate Your Child... Educate a Generation